Renzema Family Mission Trip Info

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This year will make year #6 for members of our family (Julie, Kaitlyn, Matt, and Anthony) planning to spend Spring Break on a mission trip… this year it’s West Virginia. This is a construction serve trip, partnering with World Renew, serving those who have been affected by natural disasters and are unable to rebuild without the help of others. This is a serve trip using our hands, our feet, our hearts and our minds to enter the affected community through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

The registration fee for all of us to participate is $550, and with incidental costs we are anticipating a total cost of up to $800.   We are committing $250 of our own money and hope to raise the balance.  Any monies we raise that we don’t use will be donated to the ongoing missions efforts of the sending church.

Your prayers are needed too… for us, our travels & safety, the organizer’s of this trip, and for the folks we will be reaching.

The trip is coordinated by Westwood CRC. The agency Westwood works with is World Renew… World Renew’s part in the effort is to connect our group (the 40+ Kalamazoo area people going on our trip) with the folks already working in West Virginia.

The funds we raise are being collected by our church (Vicksburg Bible). They will then been sent to Westwood CRC at the appropriate time. The main costs of the trip include gas, food, and lodging… but building supplies and tools are a need also.

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